"The art of business matchmaking"

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For a small fee you have access to a database with profiles which we already rated for you using some criteria. Important research is already done by us. The profile of your company will be visable in our database en can be looked at by interested entrepeneurs. The fee you pay us is a one time fee and your profile will be visable in our database as long as you want.

We think it is important that you can find out who your business partner is. So public information like websites, Linkedin profiles or Facebook profiles are important. But also important is the way a business partner presents himself during an intake interview. We also look into documents which are shown to us and we check references we asked for. These criteria depend on the branche and country the business partner works and lives in. These criteria will be rated by our agents but the definate rating will be done by our back office. If the situation of the company changes it is always possible to ask us to rate your company again. We also will not hesitate to rate your profile lower or even delete it when the circumstances change for the werse. We try to rule out scammers this way. We also look how many times a company visited our events and how ‘active’ a company is in our community. Because of this a better rating can be given.

No, we can not give garantees. We only create conditions which make the chance bigger you find a reliable business partner. The bigger our database gets, the bigger the chance is you are going to find your business partner or that somebody else will find you. We are not involved with in business deals or agreements. But we would like to hear from you if a business deal is succesfull or what your experiences are.
We create an invironment in which it is possible to find a reliable business partner. Ofcourse the intent of Embassies and consulates is the same but the road they use is too long and very often you get no response or a long list of companies is given to you, where you pay a lot of money for, but the outcome is very unsure. The lists contains often companies who do not exist anymore and the companies on the list have not been checked for reliablity etc. Ofcourse it is pleasant when agency’s or chamber of commerces arrange network meetings where South African wine is served. But you see always the same people and often it seems the people you meet are working in the same field so they are competitars. We do not pretend to be better than other organizations but we want to be honest in what we can offer you. The visitors of our website want to meet a new business partner and gather some information published on our website. We chose this path based on our own experience. The road to suceesfull business is to find reliable business partners. Your journey can start with us. We are willing to help you on you way. If you manage to have a list of companies you believe in you can book your flight to South Africa or if you are a South African business man or woman you might do the same but to other countries and continents. It is all about business matchmaking. But you are in control and we can help you with it. It is good when you meet another business man or woman, you already know a lot about him or her.

Yes you can. But to avoid scammers we will monitore the requests for matches so that companies just do not approach any other company without having a reasonable match with another company. We trust that companies in our database only approach companies they have something familiar with business wise.

No it could e possible that, as a non South African company, you you will be approached by another company in your own country or area to join forces in finding a reliable business partner in South Africa. You can also be consulted to share your experiences because your profile is in our database of reliable business partners.  For South African companies it very beneficial being able to look for potential reliable business partners world wide.
A lot of agencies or organisations will ask you for a much higher fee and the subscription is mostly for one year. To extend it another fee needs to be paid again. even though you have a subscription you still have pay when you want to participate in events. So being a member of that community will cost you more money and the result could be much less. The biggest part of the fee you pay us for your intake interview and rating your profile will be paid to our agents. That way we not only make sure we have the support of professional agents but we also create employment. However the biggest reason we ask for a fee is to reject possible scammers from our database and community.

Yes but we could imagine that eg. touroperators will use advertisements or contributions to our newsletter to make other companies aware of their presence. It depends basically what or whom you are looking for.

Our network is not only for entrepeneurs who want to do business in South Africa but also for entrepeneurs who can add value to our network to share their experiences. You can contribute in many ways. You can also send us regularly text and tell us about the branche you are working in, the city or provence you live in or the experiences you had. You can send us newsflashes, blogs, pictures etc. As long the content is of added value to our visitors. I our view we create a community based on stories from the field. Not only by content given to us by government. We are interested in your story. And we are sure other companies are mutual interested.