Growth in transportation

Growth in transportation in South Africa remained fairly stable in value terms during 2013. Growth in transportation value sales was driven by rises in fares across all transportation categories in South Africa. Air transportation has recently experienced a general upward shift in average fares since the withdrawal of two low cost carriers during 2011 and 2012. Road based forms of transportation, however, remain the most common modes of transport used by tourists in South Africa as the general cost of travelling by road is fairly low in comparison with air travel. Despite rail transportation being the cheapest mode of transport in South Africa, the majority of travellers avoid using the country’s rail network as the time taken to travel between cities is relatively long and it is not ideal for travellers who have limited travel time.

More demand for air transportation

Demand for air transportation in South Africa is expected to remain fairly high over the forecast period and air travel can be expected to continue offering the maximum convenience in terms of saving time for those travellers who may face limits on the amount of time they can take to travel. Road transportation is expected to remain the most important mode of transportation in South Africa when travelling locally over short distances, including travelling to other countries in the Southern African region as the general cost of travelling overland by road is expected to remain fairly low.


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