Doing business in South Africa Find a Business Partner that shares your values, entrepreneurial spirit, and vision

Embassies or the local Chamber of Commerce can offer the service of a business partner scan. It appears this would be a logical procedure in finding your next business partner, however the results leave you dissatisfied. Either contacts are not up-to-date or information is scarce and irrelevant.  Trade shows and other similar events can be very ineffective and time consuming. And, it’s uncertain if a business deal will be closed.

There is another way. The Global Business Matchmaking tool we use is the most efficient way to start a business in a new market – it’s less expensive than attending exhibitions and more effective than contacting companies randomly. To register is free.


What kind of country is South Africa?

South Africa represents one of the world’s most multicultural nations. Those interested in doing business in South Africa must understand the way these cultures come together and affect business. While certain rules seem to apply, you must also learn about the individual culture of the people with whom you plan to do business and try to adhere to those etiquette rules. The country is very diverse to the policy of black economic empowerment (BEE) as it’s not simply a moral initiative but rather a pragmatic growth strategy. On this page you will find usefull information about doing business in South Africa. Enjoy exploring it and we always welcome feedback if you have any. If you are looking for a business partner in South Africa continue reading. We might be able to help you.

Looking for a business partner South Africa, or looking for a business partner world wide

If you are a South African company and if you are looking for business opportunities worldwide, or if you are looking for a business partner in South Africa, you can register at our Global Bizz Network and find a Business Partner that shares your values, entrepreneurial spirit, and vision.

Securing partnerships is critical for your company’s success and growth. Searching for a trustworthy business partner doesn’t have to be time-consuming and costly.

For small medium sized companies

Despite the barriers and constraints SME’s remain a vibrant and essential ingredient for economic growth. Especially in South Africa. Achieving success in an increasingly competitive environment requires a business strategy that focuses on knowledge, skill, technology, innovation, and partnerships. Your success in market entry depends on the partners you choose.

During trade missions into South Africa, It’s was noticed that SME’s found it difficult and challenging to find reliable international business partners. For small businesses and businesses in developing countries with limited resources and access to the internet, it is incredibly challenging.

Register at Global Bizz Network

We might have a solution for you. The mission for Global Bizz Network is being the premier business partner platform for small to medium enterprises and sole proprietorship, facilitating connections, partnerships and economic development.

That is why at Global Bizz Network we have a Membership fee that is country specific. We offer Free and Premium memberships. The free Membership allows you to register your company. The Premium Membership entitles you to register and access a the world wide database finding your new business partner. Check it out and register today at the top of this page. Happy networking!

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