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Doing business in South Africa

What kind of country is South Africa?

South Africa represents one of the world’s most multicultural nations. Those interested in doing business in South Africa must understand the way these cultures come together and affect business. While certain rules seem to apply, you must also learn about the individual culture of the people with whom you plan to do business and try to adhere to those etiquette rules. The country is very diverse to the policy of black economic empowerment (BEE) as it’s not simply a moral initiative but rather a pragmatic growth strategy.

The Business Matchmaking System is an excellent tool to ensure that you meet your next reliable partner and allows you to start interacting with them while increasing your chances of conversion.

In business you need a “dedicated and reliable” business partner

Business Matchmaking we use is the most efficient way to start a business in a new market – it’s less expensive than attending exhibitions and more effective than contacting companies randomly. Embassies or the local Chamber of Commerce can offer the service of a business partner scan. It appears this would be a logical procedure in finding your next business partner, however the results leave you dissatisfied. Either contacts are not up-to-date or information is scarce and irrelevant.  Trade shows and other similar events can be very ineffective and time consuming. And, it’s uncertain if a business deal will be closed.

Registering in our database is:

  • Fast – we ask the right questions, to obtain the right information, with a database of potential business partners.
  • Reliable –we check the company background and key ratios and present accurate information.
  • Effective – we identify the most reliable partners that fit a criteria.
  • Pre-screened- all company profiles are pre-screened by  local agents.

 What is business matchmaking?

Business matchmaking entails connection of different individuals and organizations that are like-minded in the world of business to share their thoughts and ideas, in a mutually beneficial manner. In start-up investments, investors and entrepreneurs need interactions which are not limited to financial help or funding. Entrepreneurs need expertise, industry connections, as well as support from investors.  A business matchmaking website offers the perfect platform with profiles and extended search options for you  to connect with a reliable business partner and find what you are looking for. Register now in our database and let the search begin.

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In the near future we will start organizing workshops and other events for our costumers. In the beginning we will start organizing these in the..

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Agents wanted

To stagents_wantedrengthen our team we are looking for agents world wide. Fill out our contact form if you are interested. We are urgently looking for agents for Belgium, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the United States, China, Japan & India.


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