Best time to visit South Africa

What is the best time to visit South Africa?

Ofcourse South Africa can visited all year. But for most visitors it seems the seasons are reversed because South Africa is located on the southern hemisphere. The question is for visitors from e.g. Western Europa: you want to exchange your summer for the South African winter?

So the best time to travel is simply depending what you would like to do in South Africa. If you would like to lay on the beach in Cape Town then new year would be the best option to visit. Would you like to spot wildlife and go on a safari then the dry winter in July and August would be the best time to visit. For business people all year around it is a good time to travel but you might want to avoid the hot and busiest season in december and januari.

So be alert on the South African holiday seasons, escpecially between christmas and new year. But also january when it still could be very busy because the most South Africans enjoy their holidays then. Also a lot of Europeans want to escape their fierce winter. Also easter is a very busy time in South Africa.

What is the best time to visit Cape Town?

That is definately from  october till the end of april. Cape Town is blooming and very beautiful when the sun shines. During the wintertime around july and augustus it could be very cold en rainy. Table mountain is not completely viasable then because of the thick clouds.

During the SA summer it could be 40 degrees celsius sometimes and way too hot to do anything. But then you can escape tp the most beautiful sandbeaches in the world at an ocean with more colder water than in the winter. That is because the ocean water invaded by cold water from the South Pole. The best time to visit Cape Town therefor is nin november and march. A bit cooler and less crowded.

What is the best time to visit Johannesburg?

Johannesburg, and also Pretoria, are located in the ‘Highveld’ on nearly 1.700 meters over sea level. During the winterperiod around July it could freeze at night.

An advantage is that during the day the sun always shines brightly. During the summer months is it much warmer then at the coast but also more humid.

Travelling from Pretoria to the north, then the temparature rises every season. There are dry months around new years and humid periods around august.

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Business climate

Als0 the business climate is diverse en can change by town or area. Keep focused on different cultures and also doing business with a South African man or woman is different. Where you find the wineries around the attention drawing city of Cape Town you will find the economic beating heart in Johannesburg and since the last decade also in Durban. In Sandton, in the middle of Johannesburg, lies the financial centre of South Africa. When you travel to Durban you swear you are in a modern new country with a lot of Indian influences. It seems that South Africa are many countries in one. 50 million people make South Africa to a melting pot that has its footprint in the business culture of South Africa. Thats is why it is very important you study the culture of South Africa so that you will be prepared well for doing business. Something what the most South Africans will appreciate.

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