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Privacy Policy for the visitors of

This Privacy Policy for visitors is mandatory for everyone who visits the webste

1. Hosting

The website is being hosted by TransIP under supervision of  OAVM Organisation & Concultancy (OAVM). The contactdeatails you can find on and

2. Information of visitors

2a Some information we gather from the visits of visitors of our website we save but we save them anonymously. This data can never be traced and lead to a person or company.

2b TransIP makes sure the stored data are stored safe.

3. Cookies

3a We make use of cookies to optimalise the functionality of the pages of our website. Cookies are small tekst files placed on the computer of the visitor of our website. By placing this cookie we are able to store some relevant information for the visitor so we can better be of service next time you visit our website.

3b The visitor can dictate how he or she uses these cookies. He has an option to allow or disallow cookies being placed on his computer by changing the settings on his computer so that cookies will not or will not be fully downladed.

3c Cookies can always be removed on your computer afterwards by using the settings in your browser.

4. Questions

Visitors can send us questions about this Privacy Policy. The contact details you can find on the websites mentioned in article 1 of this policy.

5. Disclaimer

We can change the content of this policy without notifying the visitors of this website. Making changes in the content of our website is sufficient.

6. Information of clients

We can use the information you provided to us for the follwing:

1a Processing a request for matchmaking
1b Sending one or more emails including inlogdata
1c Sending you our newsletter ocassionally

7. Information for third parties

Information we received of our clienst we will never make available for third parties. Only when a clients shows his/her details on the companies profile in our database. The only exception on our rules is when we receive a court order to share the information.

8. Security

The data received from our clients we store in a secure environment.

9. Aanpassing van klantgegevens
Our clients have always the possibilty to change their data. The changes can be made using an email address known by us. In some cases we might ask for ID.

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