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Being able to get in contact with a company in our database you will have to register first. You can do this by filling out this registration form.


Register first to participate

Every company that wants to get in contact with a company in our database needs to register first and has to be prepared to get ‘screended’ by one of our agents. Registering is also mandatory for the simple fact that other companies will be able to find you. Because of this procedure we are able to maintain the quality of the companies in our database. This way we are able to reject possible spammers and scammers.

After registration we screen companies in a ‘personal’ way by organizing personal interviews in person, by Phone or by Skype. This way we take away already a lot of work for you sorting out the companies who could be interesting for you and we also provide you with a lot of relevant information. We try to put a profile in our database which is honest and correct. After your companies profile has been rated you can start looking for other companies using different criteria and the button look & match.

Criteria we use to rate your profile and the profile of other companies are: checking websites, linkedin profiles, FB pages, references etc.


So the base for our screening model is the intake interview which will be organized by one of our agents. The costs you need to pay for this service is a one time payment of  € 89 ex. VAT if applicable. After the interview the agenst reports his or her findings to the back office. Then your profile is added to our database after you agree with the content of the profile. You can also request for a change for your profile afterwards in case the circumstances and status of the company has changed. A additional fee needs to be paid because we need to do some research again.

The advantages when using our service are:

  • Having access to a worldwide network of reliable business partners
  • Using our expertise and knowledge of the market in South Africa if you look for a company in South Africa
  • Using our world wide network if you are a South African company and looking for a business partner abroad
  • A low one time fee being able to register your company in our databse
  • The possibilty to look unmlimited in our database a long as you wish
  • Working with professional agents
  • Being able to visit seminars and meetings with other entrepeneurs
  • Receiving a discount on advertisements
  • Receiving a discount when you visit our events in the future

If you think this is beneficial for you we invite you to register you company as soon as possible. After you register we will be in contact with within a few working days to plan an intake interview. After the fee has been been paid the intake interview will be scheduled.