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About us

Growing network since 2007

Since our first trademission in 2007 we are building on a business network in South Africa. Through our Linkedin groups we reached thousands of entrepeneurs . They all are looking for a business upportunity and a reliable business partner. Trust is a important value when looking for an investment or a business partner. We think you have to have that trust already before you leave for South Africa. The other way around it is of a great value for South African entrepeneurs that the person they are going to meet is reliable and has the best intentions in doing business with you. Ofcourse in addition of making contact with the right business partner other issues need to be talked about first like financial matters, permits and other essential topics.

Een succesvolle missie

Toasting on a good business deal

We are working on a database with profiles of companies who we screened with the help of some criteria we developed with the goal of developing a database with companies who, in our vision, are reliable. Every company who wants to be admitted in our database will be screened with the help of our skilled agents. Interested companies will receive an invitation for an intake interview. This can be done by an agent in your area or by skype or by phone. After the intake a profile will be composed with the help of information gathered during the intake and documents and references. This profile will be rated and published in our database.

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Are you interested in our approach then we invite you to fill out the registration form. After your registration we will contact you for an intake. The costs involved are € 89 or 1250 Rand.


When you register:

  • You only pay a one time fee for an intake interview and your profile will be online in our database as long as you want.
  • Then you can also starting to look for a reliable business partner. In our database you will find only companies we had direct and personal contact with. We already did some work on your behalf.
  • You can look as long as you want for a business partner in our worldwide network.
  • We make no promises we can not keep. We guarantee no business deals.  We only create upportunites. You make it happen.
  • We will update you of all our activities through our newsletter.
  • You are invited to participate at out network and create value to our website bu sending us your stories and experiences. By doing this you can promote your company for free.
  • You can put advertisements on our website at a discounted fee so your company can be found easier by your target group.
  • You are part of a worldwide network with also companies in your area so it possible to exchange ideas and experiences and where necesarry join forces.
  • Your company will be admitted to a database which is maintained very closely. If there would be companies who do not act according to our rules their profile will be eliminated out of the database immediatly.
  • You can choose out of reliable companies. Companies and people we know. The chance of being approached by scammers is impossible.

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